Our Gift Collections

Our Retail Division is Now Open For Mother's Day

As nature’s landscapes change with the seasons, so too do our blooms. Each year we offer a number of collections celebrating the dynamic transitions of the natural world. For each season, we choose to showcase its defining colours, characteristics and themes. Alongside beautifully-arranged flora, we also include elements of seasonal celebrations and playful textures that emulate our favourite activities during that time of year.

Welcome the wondrous cycles of nature into your space with one of our impressive seasonal arrangements.


Crafted for your most meaningful celebrations, the GAYLORDS Luxe Collection includes the highest-quality flowers we have to offer. Unlike most retailers, we procure our blooms from small-scale farmers and growers all around the world to ensure we get the most vibrant, fragrant and luxurious offerings possible. When the occasion calls for it, a gift from our Luxe Collection will certainly be the cherry on top of a momentous event. 


Much like our meticulously crafted floral arrangements, our Gourmet Gift Boxes are thoughtfully assembled with the occasion in mind and adorned with seasonal embellishments. Whenever we can, we opt to source our delicacies from locally-owned businesses that offer high-quality ingredients, unique flavours and a personalized touch. By supporting home-grown artisans, we give back to the community that has supported us for over 60 years. 

In addition to our gourmet offerings, we also arrange gift baskets full of goodies that are perfect for pampering. From luxurious gift crates that complement a spa day to baby baskets that help welcome a new bundle of joy, we know just what to include to help you celebrate. 


Searching the world both near and far, our team stops at nothing to bring you the best flowers available on the market. We carefully consider each hand-picked blossom for its rarity, vibrancy, fragrance and exquisite blooming patterns. From the moment we meet with a grower to the day we deliver an order, no detail is overlooked in providing our clients with the most remarkable floral arrangements.