The Gift That Keeps On Giving

GAYLORDS’ subscription services are the perfect way to show your appreciation for someone special as well as refresh and beautify your home or office space. Depending on the option that best suits your needs, our deliveries are scheduled either weekly or monthly and include the finest flowers from around the globe. 

Subscriptions For Home

Behold fresh and delightful florals on a daily basis with our home subscription services.

At GAYLORDS, we are proud to offer beautifully arranged floral artistry that is tailor-made to reflect your interior’s style. First, our award-winning team will meet with you to discuss your vision before curating perfectly bespoke pieces for routine delivery. 

Filled with vibrant, seasonal blooms of the finest quality, your space is sure to feel bright and cheerful. 

We offer both weekly and monthly residential subscription services for all your home-based needs. 

Each arrangement will arrive ready to adorn your lovely home with the option of a vase that matches your décor. Our home floral designs will truly elevate any atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests. 

Subscriptions For Office

Impress and excite your colleagues, employees and clients with weekly or monthly displays of the best blooms we have to offer. Our stunning designs will give your workplace an elegant touch that can feel both calming and encouraging for staff and welcoming and uplifting for clients and guests. It should really come as no surprise that the sweet aromas and brilliant colours of beautiful florals will have a positive impact on anyone who gets to experience them. 


At GAYLORDS, we don’t overlook a single detail when it comes to our arrangements. 


By choosing a regular subscription to our floral artistry services, you are choosing exquisite blossoms, masterful designs and unparalleled customer service. Choose from monthly or weekly deliveries of the most exceptional flowers of the season including elegant vessels that are exclusively offered with our subscription program. 

Gift Subscriptions

Our floral subscription services are the perfect gift for that extra special someone that deserves the world. A surprise bouquet of flowers would make anyone jump for joy, so just imagine how wonderful it would feel to receive beautiful floral displays on repeat. The best of our blooms will be arranged clearly to showcase your love and gratitude.

Make your special someone’s whole year with the gift of ever-lasting flower deliveries

Design Of The Week Subscription

Enjoy our most fabulous arrangements on a weekly basis with our Design of the Week subscription.

With this offer, you’ll get to witness the unique and beautiful displays our passionate and talented designers put together after days of careful planning. Weekly deliveries also guarantee that you get to experience the succulent aromas and dazzling displays of fresh flowers every single day.

Flower Of The Month Subscription

Simple, surreal and as elegant as ever, our Flower of The Month subscription highlights just one or two of the most remarkable monthly blooms. By focusing our arrangements on a single type of flower, we celebrate the best that the season has to offer.

At GAYLORDS, we offer a variety of arrangement sizes, so simply choose the option that best suits your needs and we will deliver stunning and classic designs to your door every month of the year. 

Care Instructions

Once you receive your arrangement, please ensure the water level is filled to the top of the container.

Place your floral display away from direct sunlight, where it can stay cool and comfortable. Water daily.